FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We Highly Recommend Wearing Loose Fitting Clothes. Also Please Refrain From Wearing Jewellery That Could Interfere With Practice.
The University At Buffalo Kendo Club has, and always will be free to it's Undergraduate Members.
Please Check The Pricing Table In Other Pages Tab.
Ask an E-Board Representative To Custom Order The Item, We're Awesome Like That.
We get a lot of discounts by bulk-buying. We also subsidize a lot for UB Undergrad.
Kendo is more then just Kieko. Learning the Way Of The Sword is about the lifestyle that accompanies Kendo just as much as Kendo itself.
Kendo is traditionally a Japenese Martial Art. As such a lot of our members (especially the international ones) tend to practice traditionally, meaning they teach by doing. Don't worry though, if you're being yelled at it means they care enough about you to correct you and make you better! Keep up the good work!
You have to wait to wear bogu. Normally it takes about 6-7 months of straight training to become sufficient enough to wear bogu. It does differ from person to person, don't be discouraged! We do this to help keep you from hurting yourself or other bogu players. Until then, when watching make sure you keep looking for points and good techniques.
Nope! The Shinai itself is 5 pieces of bamboo with air in the middle. When it hits, the bamboo bends into the middle taking the grunt of the impact. On top of that Bogu is very effective at keeping you safe! Bogu translates to "Armor" after all!
Kendo uses the kyu to dan grading system to determine ones level. The ranking goes as following from lowest to highest: Roku-kyu (6th kyu) to I-kyu(1st kyu) and Sho-dan (1st dan) to Hachi-dan (8th dan).
There is no answer to this question. Do your best and do not be discourage if you do not obtain a higher rank. Kendo is a learning experience.
We participate in tournaments held by other universities and those held in upstate New York and Canada.
Do not train outdoors or in your dorms with your shinai since it is considered a weapon. If you are on campus, always keep your shinai concealed. Make it to practice in order to improve your technique under supervision of Sensei.