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About Us

The University of Buffalo Kendo Club was founded by its first Sensei, Sam Cappiello (6 Dan). Seeking to expand and cultivate his own art and to share the experience of Kendo with new initiates, Sam Cappiello approached the administration of SUNY Buffalo in the winter of 2003 to establish a Japanese-style Kendo dojo at the university's North Campus. After securing the necessary permissions, the UB Kendo club was established.

On January 22nd, 2004, UB Kendo officially met for the first time. Despite a modest initial turnout, the club has grown to become the largest martial arts club at the University of Buffalo. UB Kendo has expanded to over 30 fulltime members!

The students that have joined the club reflect the rich diversity of the UB student body. Prior experience in Kendo is not required, but a healthy outgoing attitude is! Many students have joined to enjoy a hard aerobic work out with an exotic twist. Together the members of UB Kendo learn and practice the ancient Japanese martial art of Kendo to enrich their collegiate experience and personal lives.

As always, the UB Kendo seeks to continue growing and welcomes new undergraduate/graduate students and UB affiliates each semester. Beginners need only to bring an open mind and willingness to try something new. After an initial orientation period, it is required that members purchase their own shinai (bamboo practice sword) for class.